We are The Yodsukars. Very nice to meet you!

We could give you a list of all of our accolades and awards and all the blogs and TV shows we have been featured on, but instead, we’d like to take you out for an afternoon wine tasting or out for a Sunday morning brunch! That’s how we like to build relationships and if you’re here reading this, chances are pretty good that’s how you like to do it too. As adventurers, we spread our time between Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston, taking in what both amazing coasts have to offer. So whether we meet you on a brisk fall day in Boston, a hazy sun-filled afternoon in California, or over a sweatpants-wearing Skype Session (we won’t ask if you don’t), we can’t wait to talk to you soon!

Rich Yodsukar
Rich Yodsukar
Photographer / Cinematographer

– Would marry a Chipotle Burrito if it were legal
– Grew up in “The

Christine Yodsukar
Christine Yodsukar
Photographer / Cienmatographer

– Has way too many shoes (obviously, Rich’s opinion)
– Has a severe

Sam Westre
Sam Westre
Associate / Second Photographer

– Musician turned photographer.
– Secretly loves red wine, vogue maga

Tim Dolan
Tim Dolan

Cinematographer and Steadicam Operator



We can't thank Christine and Rich enough for capturing all our special moments. This amazing team is easy going and what we enjoyed most is that they captured our emotions in each still! Their artistic technique makes for some amzingly gorgeous and memorable shots! The Yodsukars have become our family photographers forever! We love them! 


Number of Weddings We Shoot Each Year
to make sure you get the undivided attention you deserve
Different Countries We have Shot in
So far, Thailand is our favorite
States We have Visited


Wedding Collections that include both photography and cinematography are available as well as photo only and cinema only collections. Contact us and we will build the perfect collection for you.

Destination weddings are priced according to your specific location and needs.

We build your Wedding Collection with you, so your options are endless, and our offerings include the standards plus much more.  Rich and Christine keep their Photography and Cinematography services to a maximum of about 20 carefully selected Weddings each year to make sure each of you is valued the way you deserve to be with an extraordinary personal experience and relationship with us. Our Wedding work is in addition to our work for other Businesses and Mentoring new Photographers and Cinematographers, so we recommend contacting the studio for a meeting as soon as you can to see if your date is still available.

Every couple is not a fit for us, but if you are, it will be FANTASTIC. If you are looking for a team to create work that is defined by you with unmatchable creativity and passion for every shot, we will be here to create that for you. Meet Rich and Christine at their Studio in Downtown Los Angeles , or over Skype if you are out of town. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you so much for hanging out on our page. We hope you come back and see your Wedding up here!



Rich and Christine are an amazing photographer/cinematographer team who treat their clients like family. They made an incredible highlight reel and full-length film for our wedding that makes my husband and I teary-eyed every time!

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