the day before we met one another,

was the last day we would ever be alone again.

Our Story

What would you do today?

Rich and I met while we were out walking our puppies. I had just moved across the country with only my brand new puppy by my side and he had just finished touring the country with his band that was now calling it quits. We were both looking at the world with a brand new set of eyes, anything was possible and there were no ties to hold us down.

There is a definite day that I remember thinking to myself that I found the person I was going to spend every day of the rest of my life with. My puppy had been attacked at the park by another dog. Rich, being my only friend in my new city, offered to take me to his vet. He drove my puppy and I, he went into the doctors room with us and stood by my side, he took me to get supplies to care for the wounds, and through all of this I could feel that he cared. He wasn’t doing this because he felt like he had to; he was doing this because he genuinely cared about me. Despite the circumstances, I couldn’t stop smiling, like big giant goofy smiling, for the rest of the day. I haven’t stopped smiling since.

Rich and I have come to learn over the years that LOVE is not something you can accurately describe. It’s a feeling, it’s a knowing, and it’s so magical and yet so real that it totally exceeds the limits of our world. No two couples have the same love, or the same story.

Your story is the one we want to tell. The day that you knew you would wake up smiling for the rest of your life, or your version of falling in love. Because, its always different, and therefor, its always worth telling. Your Wedding Album will become the most valuable thing you own, and you may not be there to see it, but generations from now there will be kids and grandkids telling stories about what an amazing and interesting life you lived, and that album and your photos will be the tangible pieces of you that they pull out to accompany their stories of love and adventure.

So, if you could live in a world where anything is possible and there are no ties to hold you down,